Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here's Sydney on her first day of preschool. She started the day after Labor Day. I can't believe she is finally big enought to go to preschool. Sydney LOVES preschool and is usually ready to leave an hour before it is time to go. She loves having a backpack to bring home all the things she makes.
Each week they focus on a different letter of the alphabet. So last week was the letter A. They read lots of books about things having to do with A's and played games and of course made crafts and art projects. This was her apple tree she made. I wanted to take a picture of the airplane she made but after being played with all day for several days...the airplane was retired (to the trash). Oh well, I'll have to take pictures of stuff right when she gets home next time. I love it when she comes home and she will talk non-stop about everything she did. It is also nice to have one less child to haul around on errands.


Heather Shepherd September 18, 2007 at 2:44 PM  

Preschool is so great! Brooke came home today and said the Pledge of Alligence for me!! Here's a tip for drawings/paintings that come home: Scan them into the computer. That's what I did for Luke and then I didn't so bad about not keeping every little thing that came home.

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