Summer is here!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's hot here now! My air conditioning is running frequently and we keep all the windows and doors shut now. But I still love summer. I love going to the pool and eating watermellon and peaches and going to the beach! Don't slip-n-slides just remind you of being a kid. I was too tired to haul my kids to the gym to go swimming one night, so I just bought them a little slip-n-slide from Target and they had so much fun on this all evening.
Another year must have gone by because...I am once again being summoned for jury duty. We have lived in Phoenix for five years now and for some reason, I get one of these in the mail every year. Note: Mark has never received even one summons. One year I almost had to go in, I called the day before and they said my group had to go but I was supposed to call again the morning of in case things got switched...and it ended up being cancelled. I wonder how long my luck will hold out :)

I can't believe Sophie is almost two...I love that she can still fit in a two gallon milk box (from Costco)! I was making lunch for her and turned around and there she was, sitting in this box.

I am looking forward to Mark being around more this summer. He takes his last final tonight and then he will have summer break!!!! I could not add enough exclamation points to express my joy :) He does have one elective class he has to take but it will only be two Fridays and Saturdays in not too big a deal. I am so proud of how hard Mark works in school and of course in his normal job to provide for our little family. I don't know how he does it. Thankfully, this school year flew by. (sorry I am always posting little reminders about this, but I really do count the days for when this whole thing will be can't blame me, huh :)


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