June Fun

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The month of June was full of lots of fun activities! One of my friends does short summer sessions of preschool and Sophie attended a few sessions. She was so excited to get a backpack and go to "my preschool". Her backpack is pretty much as big as she is!

Sydney finished off her year of dance with two shows at the Chandler Center for the Arts. She did acro and ballet this past year. Her shows were exciting, exhausting, and a fun way to end this past year of dance. We love her new dance school, Tempe Dance Academy.

My parents got me a table saw for my birthday (don't worry, that is exactly what I wanted) and I built this book shelf/night stand using some plans from Knock-offWood. Then I finished and distressed it. It turned out great, so I modified the design a bit and made a similar one for Sydney to use as a nightstand and much needed bookshelf (for her growing piles of books). I had so much fun making these and I have a long list of "projects" I am wanting to do! I'm sure I'll post pictures as I finish things (in my bit of spare time before school starts).

This was the nightstand I built for Sydney's room.


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