5 Magical Days!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last week we spent FIVE whole days at Disneyland and California Adventure with Sydney and Sophie! It was a magical vacation and I think we had all sprouted mouse ears by the time it was over. It was sort of weird to wake up on Monday morning this week and realize we had to get back to the real world. Sydney and Sophie had the best time. We also had fun visiting some friends from BYU and their kids! It was a much needed break from the whole theme park thing. We appreciated all the family, including my Grandpa and Grandma and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins, that let us stay with them for parts of our vacation and for helping watch the kids! We had a wonderful vacation and made some lasting memories!

Now if you really care about what we did...you can keep reading...if not, I completely understand...because I guess this is sort of a vacation post!

The thing I love about Disneyland is...it isn't just another theme park. I felt like we were passing on a legacy to Sydney by taking her on all the old classic rides and remembering how much fun we (that's Mark and me) had when we were kids! My Dad used to go to Disneyland when he was little, and I went to Disneyland plenty of times growing up, so it was perfect to continue the tradition and take Sydney and Sophie there. Of course we had to do all the classic rides like the Peter Pan ride, Dumbo ride, the Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and Star Tours...to name a few! Sydney's most favorite ride of all was the Matterhorn which we went on at least 7-8 times. She loves roller coasters! The other thing we loved doing was taking the kids to all the really cool shows and parades! Sophie's favorite was probably the Playhouse Disney show. She was so excited about the bubbles and leaves that fell from the ceiling of the theater! It was over the top...in typical Disney style. Sophie did pretty good for being dragged to a very noisy place...mostly all day long. However, I don't think I would ever take any kids younger than 4 on a trip like this again. My Aunt came into the park with us on Thursday morning and took Sydney and Sophie to Fantasyland so Mark and I could go on the few rides that Sydney could not go on! This was lots of fun...although, we went on most everything by ourselves and took advantage of the single rider passes! Those are the best.

On Tuesday evening...we met up with our friends Jamie and Christian from BYU. They were super nice to invite us over for dinner at their house and just let us relax! Sydney and Sophie had tons of fun playing with their kids and just running/crawling all over. It is always fun to catch up with old friends and of course we wished they lived closer. In my perfect world, all my old friends from college would live in my neighborhood so we could all spend time together and let our kids play together! Wouldn't that be nice!

We managed to stop at Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts (they don't have any stores open by us anymore) and fit in a quick stop at the beach in Carlsbad and lunch at our very favorite fish'n'chips place...Harbor Fish Cafe!

All in all...it really was a magical time and we are looking forward to coming back in a few years!


Sophie Pictures April 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here is our cute little Sophie...almost 11 months old! I thought she did a pretty good job being agreeable for pictures considering it was in the 90's yesterday!


Sydney Pictures April 2008

Here are the updated pictures of Sydney. I loved her Easter dress. Sydney was very patient while I snapped LOTS of pictures so we could find some cute expressions. Actually, Sydney really gets into the whole photo shoot thing. She comes up with her own poses and all that!


All things growing in our yard!

Monday, April 14, 2008

All things growing in our yard!

Here are some pictures of our yard...both in front and back. It is a work in progress. I am starting to love our yard. It will be so nice someday when there is lots of shade and privacy created by our trees. Also the trees are very important to create micro-climates so other plants can grow (protected from at least a few hours of hot AZ sun!). I tried to explain each picture in the captions (for those of you who are curious!)...about a month ago, we dug a HUGE hole in the back yard to plant a 24 " box Brazillian Pepper tree. That was just the begining! Since then, we have added several trees (not counting the trees we have put in since we moved here).


Better late than never.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am fully aware that Easter was several weekends ago but I decided I would post a few cute pictures from our Easter.
Easter morning was fun. Both girls were excited about their baskets and it didn't take long for the green grass to spread itself all over the house. Good thing I only bought one bag each for the girls (I anticipated the grass would end up everywhere).
Sophie actually thinks its kind of silly to wear her ears. We will put them on her and take her to look in a mirror and she smiles and giggles at herself!
I still need to take cute pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses, because they were not cooperating after church on Easter. We also did an egg hunt in our yard and Sydney had fun gathering all the eggs. Actually she spent the rest of Easter going out searching for eggs she might have missed! It was so funny when she would come running in with an egg that had been extra hidden! Not to forget the true meaning of Easter...Mark is in young mens so he took the youth and Sydney to the Easter pageant at the Mesa temple. Sydney loved it and afterwards she asked Mark if they could hurry and go talk to Jesus. Later when we were talking about the resurrection with her and how Jesus was resurrected and that was why we celebrated Easter... she says to us... "but I just saw Jesus at the temple the other day". Apparently she didn't quite figure out that the Jesus at the temple was just an actor. It was kind of cute.


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