2009 Dance Production

Monday, June 22, 2009

We spent most of last week working on the final days of Sydney's dance production. This years show was "New York, New York". Sydney participated in two shows this year, one on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon. She also had dress rehearsals all day on Thursday. We are so proud of her accomplishments and hard work this year. She has practiced so hard for both her dance and acro parts of the production. I took all of the pictures on dress rehearsal day because the show days were so CRAZY. We had very strict time schedules we had to adhere to on those days plus we were not allowed to take any pictures during actual shows. I got out my old hot rollers (from high-school) to do Sydney's hair. She was so good...she had to have her hair done for three days in a row! I told her it is hard work to be a princess :)

Pretty hair...half up, half down.
She also had to wear make-up for three days in a row. I think I deserve an award just for putting eye-liner on a 6 year old. She didn't love that part so much. But she had fun getting ready for the rest of it.

Her first dance in the first show was "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend". This was her tap number and it was super cute. I took pictures during dress rehearsals but I wasn't close enough to the stage so they didn't turn out. For the night of the show...I took my turn being a "room mom"...which consisted of watching 10 six year-olds in the dressing rooms and backstage. The show was 2 1/2 hours long and the girls were checked in an hour before the performance so I was very tired by the end of the night. However, it was so fun to be in the wings on stage (behind one of the curtains) and watch Sydney dance up close.

Her next performance was "The Boy from New York City". This was her acro dance. I am amazed at how much she has progressed this year in acro. She is very close to doing full splits (both ways) and can do all sorts of other flexible things. Here's a picture of her warming up with a "sugar bowl". She can touch all the way to her eye-brow now but I didn't want her to ruin her hair for the pictures.

There are only a few girls that can do headstands unassisted at this point and hold them for at least a minute. Sydney has worked so hard on these and she was front and center during part of her acro performance.

Here she is doing another part...the "sugar bowls".
After her Saturday performance, we brought her roses and took her for a milkshake at JITB! We are so proud of her hard work. She didn't even get nervous performing for all those people and being up on stage under the bright lights.
I couldn't end this without a big thank you to her wonderful dance school...Take Five Dance...and her amazing teacher Ms. Pam and Courtney (she helps out with some of the classes). Sydney has been at Take Five since she was three (although we took one year off when Sophie was born). This year, she did dance and acro for two hours every Monday night so we have spent lots of time at Take Five. We will miss this wonderful school and all the staff and all our dance friends. I am already worrying about finding another school and teachers as great as this school.


Sophie's Two!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a little behind with posting. Sophie turned two at the end of May. We celebrated her birthday with a little party at our house with just our family. She didn't seem to mind. We had lots of balloons which was probably one of her favorite things and then I made angel food cake. My kids have never been big cake fans but they love angel food cake. (with strawberries and whipped cream!)

At her two year check-up, she weighed in at 22 lbs. and is in the 75th percentile for height. She loves when we read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and playing with her baby dolls. She also loves blocks and legos. Her latest favorite movie is Tinkerbell. Her favorite CD is ABBA (I have listened to this CD for at least 3-4 months straight) and asks for ABBA whenever we are in the car. I love ABBA too, BUT it would be nice to listen to a variety of music once in awhile :) Sophie's favorite foods are berries, Corn Pops, pinto beans (she eats these by the can...no joke), and cheese. She loves to play with Sydney and trys to copy everything she does. This includes trying to pretend swim like Sydney at the pool...which causes me much anxiety since it involves her going underwater way too much. I usually have to pull her out after awhile so she doesn't swallow the whole pool.

When Sophie gets mad about something she screams "BAH!" really loud and mostly we just try not to laugh (which usually makes her even madder). She is still very reserved and is not as friendly unless you are around her all the time. She doesn't smile very much except when Sydney is around...Sydney can get her giggling. Sophie loves to repeat the names of all her cousins...I personally love how she says Ruby. "Wooby" Sophie is talking lots now and knows so many phrases. Last but not least, she is very stubborn and would rather make all decisions in this family :) Maybe it's a 2 thing...maybe it's just her!


Kindergarten Graduation

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I can't believe Sydney is done with Kindergarten. It went by so fast. She has grown up so much this year. This is her first day of school picture...
And here's Sydney on the last day of school getting ready to participate in their little graduation ceremony! (Sohpie squished herself onto Sydney's chair because she always wants to do whatever Sydney is doing.)

I'm a little sad that Kindergarten is all done. She had such a great year at her school. She also had a wonderful teacher. We will always be grateful for the opportunity Sydney had to attend this school!
Here's Sydney shaking Mr. Wray's (her teacher) hand and receiving her diploma! After graduation, we took a few more pictures and then we were ALL DONE! No more driving to and from school for a whole two months :)


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