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Monday, June 16, 2008

I have to admit...reading blogs in the middle of the day while Sophie is napping and Sydney is playing is MUCH more entertaining and easy on my brain than studying (I should probably clarify...I am studying for the GMAT...sorry, I am always forgetting the little details)! Also my laziness with posting new updates to our blog is persisting...even though I love reading everyone elses updates. However, without pictures, I think I will post up a few random thoughts:

1. Sophie started walking about a week or two ago. She can take about 10-12 steps but only if she feels like it. She still crawls around sometimes. I have lots of cute video to post to show off her new skill, however, the fire-wire port is not working and so I will have to wait until we figure out what we are going to do about it!

2. One day I woke up with the absolute urge to watch Saturday's Warrior! (Please take a few moments to laugh about this one) So after a very long exhausting Friday evening dealing with the traffic of Phoenix, I managed to secure the millenium edition of Saturday's Warrior on DVD. Sydney LOVES this movie and unfortunately our whole family has Saturday's Warrior songs running through our brains. I thought I better have Sydney watch this movie and love it before she was too old and decided it was way, way too cheezy.

3. Sydney has turned into a little fish (or rather a little mermaid as she prefers). We go swimming just about everyday and sometimes twice a day. Also because I usually fit in a workout at the gym during my day...I have no need to bother with showering! I think it is a bit overated! Just kidding, I usually take a shower before I crawl into bed.

4. I took Mark to a Diamondbacks game for Father's Day last Friday. Thank goodness the tickets were really cheap from Craigslist because the entire nine innings we sat through, no one scored a single run. Then we had to hurry home because we had a babysitter, instead of staying to see how long the game would continue. Mark told me that one particular baseball game went 21 innings until 2:30 am (which I was not really in the mood to endure). But as our luck would have it, the Diamondbacks finally hit a home run just after we left...and we missed the excitement. Oh well, we had great seats and it was fun to enjoy the whole baseball atmosphere.


Happy Birthday Sophie!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A year has gone by so fast! Sohpie was just 6 1/2 lbs. when she was born. She was cute as a button!
Sydney and Sophie are the best of friends. They love to play by each other and laugh together.

We just had a very small birthday for Sophie. I made from scratch cupcakes and pink frosting. Then we all sang to Sophie and she tried to touch the tiny flame!

Then we let her dive in to eat her cupcake all by herself. Frosting first....
Next...try and get some cake stuff in her mouth.
Smile at the huge mess she made on herself and high chair! Well isn't that what birthday's are for?
Sophie is almost walking. She'll stand and take a step or two so hopefully soon. We'll keep you posted when the exciting event takes place.


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