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Sunday, August 5, 2007

So in case anyone was wondering about these pictures of Sydney and the other ones of Sophie in her pretty dress...I took them last week. I feel kind of bad that I still haven't taken Sophie to get any professional pictures done so last week I finally made an appointment to have them done. Then when the lady called me back...somehow she talked me into getting Sydney's done as well and doing some cute sister pictures. I tried so hard to figure out something cute for them to wear that would at least coordinate, but all the stores have moved onto their fall lines, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy long sleeve clothes just yet. (Actually, I was really hoping to find a few pairs of shorts to replace the ones Sydney has almost worn out...she usually wears shorts clear until December!) Anyway, then I got to thinking how much of a hassle it would be to haul two girls out in the heat and then try and get them to smile for pictures...and then I always feel like I have to buy the pictures because the photographer tries so hard...and I am super picky. On top of it all, I still didn't really have matching or coordinating outfits so on Thursday morning I found a big blanket and did an impromptu photo shoot with my digital camera. Surprisingly, I captured some pretty good shots (in my unprofessional opinion) and I decided at the last minute that these pictures are probably better or at least as good as any I would have gotten. So once again Sophie is without professional shots...hopefully she will still turn out! Seriously with Sydney we were always taking her to Kiddie Kandids to get pictures.
Obviously this is my blog so I can brag about anything I want...but I just think my kids are so cute! Sydney has the cutest smile when you manage to capture it on film. I know some people take pictures and store them in boxes...and I do that too...but I am always pulling out those old boxes or looking through folders on my computer, at all the old pictures of Sydney (and Sophie...although, those aren't very old)! I just love all the happy memories in them. Maybe I'll dig up some old ones of Mark and me when were just married and young and had time to get 10 hours of sleep a night! We look so young and we don't have any "tired lines"!
I think Sydney has a cute "model" face in this picture. She didn't smile too big but she just looks gorgeous. I wish I had pretty long ringlets like her.
Yesterday we took Sydney to a friends birthday/pool party. Keep in mind she has only had four weeks of swim lessons in the city of Phoenix program. But I have to admit it was the best $12.00 ($6.00 for a two week session...isn't that amazing) I could have invested in her extra-curriculars! She jumped in yesterday and suprised us by really starting to swim. She is like this little fish in the water. I don't think I could swim as well as her until I was about I was very impressed. She just loves going underwater and paddling around and floating on her tummy. I am so excited that she is really progressing in this area. It is very important to be able to swim in Phoenix!


Heather Shepherd August 7, 2007 at 9:47 AM  

You are an awesome photographer! In this day and age, if you have the right equipment and software, you don't need the pros!

Have you played with Picasa? It's the google photo program. You can make things all filmy and sepia and b&w and tons of other fun things!

I wish it could help me make mine look more pro, but I guess that would really require a more pro type camera...

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