Resolutions for 2009!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Yikes! January is almost over and my poor blog has been very neglected for this month. I have debated whether to post up any of my resolutions and I decided that since I didn't even bother to write them down...perhaps I may actually remember them better if I at least put a few of them down where I can see them. So here are a few ideas that have been floating in and out of my head this past month:

1. Give my blog a face-lift. This includes finding a beach or Hawaiian themed background, posting a family picture on the Header and maybe adding some fun stuff to the side bars. Oh and perhaps blogging a bit more (maybe 3x a month)!

2. Taking family pictures. The last family picture we had taken was when I was pregnant with Sophie...and she is almost I suppose these are long overdue.

3. Have FHE more often. I have plenty of excuses for why this is not a regular occurance at our house...but aren't you glad to know that I am far from perfect!

4. Eat fish at least 1-2 times every two weeks. I love fish but I never buy it because no one else really likes it. But I have decided that perhaps Sydney may start liking it after seeing or smelling it regularly. (It has taken her 5 years to eat chicken...and even now she still eats chicken very sparingly.) Plus Sophie had fish once for a Costco sample and loved it, so who knows, maybe the fish gene will be on her palate.

5. Remodel my bathroom. I know this sounds like a pretty big project, but I am beginning to feel a bit more confident about it the more research I do. I plan on tearing out the fiberglass shower and doing the shower part all tiled, plus I want to extend the shower and change out the fixtures and possibly move them to the adjacent wall! Hmmm...we'll see what happens when I start in on this one. I already asked Mark how he would feel about our whole family sharing the girls tiny bathroom for several months.

6. Work on the yard. Always a work in progress. I still have this picture in my head of a beautiful yard I want...but mine actually looks far from that picture, especially after the hot summers. I love Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine and I pore over the beautiful homes and yards trying to figure out how I could economically replicate the ideas on our own little place!

7. Spend more time with Mark, ie. maybe going on dates once in awhile! This one is tough since he is never here so I guess I'll have to get creative about this. I probably should start driving into Phoenix once in awhile and going to lunch with him or something.

8. Losing weight! Maybe you thought this one wouldn't show up on my list...but after the wonderful, yummy is in the back of my mind. Actually I have my favorite pair of board shorts from college (I know, they are so old, but still super cute) that I want to be able to wear to the pool this summer. Partly because I have never been able to find any since then that I love as much as these shorts and partly because I love being at that weight. I'm pretty sure I could get this one accomplished if carmel popcorn had not been invented or Taco Bell closed at 8:00 pm!

9. Paying down our mortgage. Yup, I really don't want to live in this house for too many more years and because of the housing downturn, we would like to just pay down our mortgage enough to just rent out this place.

10. Last but not least, clean out and organize the garage. Garages in AZ are tiny. They consider anything that you can squeeze 2 cars into (even if you can't get out of those cars once they are in the garage) a 2 car garage. Also, since homes here are smaller and don't have basements, they severely lack neccesary storage. We actually only park one of our cars in the garage but the other side is full of stuff. Actually most of the stuff we need or use...otherwise (a few of you who know me well enough will understand this) I would have thrown it out or donated it long ago! So it just needs more shelving, LOTS more I am so tired of the stepping over boxes and bags, and all the lawn equipment and tools to find stuff when I need it.

So there you go. I am actually suprised that I was able to spit out 10 things to work on. I have enjoyed reading other peoples resolutions because its always fun to see what things others are trying to get done. Although, I admit that just making resolutions does not neccesarily translate to getting them done!


Krystal January 30, 2009 at 4:06 PM  

im usually always home during the day if you want to bring sophie over to play so you and mark can have lunch dates. let me know, carmen and isaiah would like that :D i love how all your resolutions are attainable. my mother in law's is always "to win the powerball" haha

Cara January 30, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

Wow. You've been thinking!! I love your ideas. you're such a planner I don't doubt you'll accomplish them! I think one of your resolutions should be to have cara move closer so she can babysit during your dates with Mark!

Robyn January 30, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

I'm tired just reading your list. I love how you're such a do-it-yourself handy kind of girl. I think you need to add "more trips to Utah" to your list! Or maybe I need to come to AZ sometime!

The Dominguez Family January 31, 2009 at 9:13 AM  

Wow, you are a handy woman! I love are your resolutions. Me and Cy would also love to have Sophie over... I will stock up on our fishies (they taste better when there not yours :)

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