Seashells in the Backyard?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sydney loves seashells. She is always talking about how she needs to go to a beach to find some. Once we were over at a friends house and she saw a vase full of seashells (probably from a craft store). She was so excited and just wanted to play with the seashells instead of with all the toys or her little friend. I just laughed. Consequently, she found this seashell in our backyard yesterday while I was digging a hole for one of our new trees. I was a little surprised. If anyone could find a seashell in would probably be Sydney. Mark and I were discussing how a seashell could possible have ended up in our backyard.
1. A neighbor threw it over the wall.
2. One of the construction workers dropped it while working on the house or sprinkler system.
3. Possibly, this part of Arizona was actually prime beach front property millions of years ago.
However it ended up in our dirt...she is thrilled. She carried it around all day yesterday and told just about everyone all about her seashell. One of her friends came over after pre-school to play today and I wasn't surprised when Sydney ran to her room to get her seashell to show off! I'm not sure her friend was equally impressed or interested but Sydney didn't seem to care. She loves her seashell!
Unfortunately, it was not a very large seashell! I guess it is perfect for her to carry around.


Auralee October 2, 2007 at 3:04 PM  

4. Maybe a little girl like Sydney planted it there years ago hoping a seashell tree would grow.

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