Where has October gone?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I can't believe October is here and almost done with! Now that it is cooling off some, we have been trying to plant trees and other plants in our yard. We are also getting ready to put in sod, in a few weeks. In between all that yard work we have been busy with soccer practice, swimming lessons, and the usual activities that always pop-up on the calander. The other day, one of our friends invited us to go to the zoo with them. I gave in and purchased a season pass to Sydney's "new favorite place to go"! I figured it was about time we started zoo trips again. When we first moved to Phoenix I had a pass and I went to the zoo to walk around almost every week. However, it has been over three years since I have been there and I noticed several changes. They have made so many improvements amd I was pleasantly suprised. We started off our zoo adventure with a picnic inside the park, by a giant tree house (that's not featured in my picture). I don't know if Sydney was more excited about the picnic or the zoo. She LOVES picnics!
Doesn't Sophie look elated to spend an entire afternoon dozing in her stroller underneath her hat...and occasionally watching with some mild interest all the kids running around.

Here is Sydney with her friend Katie and another little girl Skyla who came along too for the fun. We all tried to get some cute pictures of them but they would not stay still or look at the camera that day. Sydney and Katie are also on the same soccer team!
Of course one of their favorite places to stop by was the farm where we could pet all the goats.
So as a reminder, one of my favorite holidays is only a few weeks away....Sophie cooperated and gave the camera a cute smile. I just had to try on Sydney's old pooh bear costume, from when she was a baby. Actually Sophie is going to be a black kitty this year...because Sydney is going to be a witch! I'm sure I will take about a million pictures of them in a few weeks.
Happy Halloween everyone!
I have been feeling a bit busy lately as I'm sure most everyone is experiencing. I still love to squeeze in just a bit of blogging (even though I really should be working on some other stuff right now)! I have started another blog site 4 Tablespoons which is just a blog of my favorite recipes and food! Most of you probably already know how much I love spending time in the kitchen making yummy food. So if you're interested you can check out what's cooking at our house! I love cooking blogs and websites and so this is just my point of view (I guess) on what I like to eat! Maybe some of you will find something yummy to try out for the holidays!


Dave October 18, 2007 at 10:13 AM  

I can't believe how big Sophie is! I just got a zoo pass too so we will have to meet there sometime! Jilynn

Heather Shepherd October 19, 2007 at 8:10 AM  

Have you ridden the camels yet? Jason and Luke did this past Spring. I asked them if they are going to do it again next year when we come out for Spring Training, but got no answer. Perhaps it will be Brooke's and my turn...

Auralee October 22, 2007 at 6:34 AM  

It must be really nice to be able to get out and walk around and enjoy such beautiful fall weather. Sophie looks so cute as little Pooh Bear!

RobynandJoe October 22, 2007 at 11:44 AM  

I can't believe how warm it still looks in Arizona. Now when our weather is slowly becoming cold and miserable, yours is becoming perfect! I'm excited to check out your recipe blog!

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