Monday, May 21, 2007

We decided to have a fun sleepover for Sydney with her cousins Lexie and Tori last weekend. I think all three of the girls had lots of fun and I'll admit...even though we were exhausted Saturday night, Mark and I had fun too. Girls have LOTS of energy (especially when they all get together)!

Lexie and Tori came over on Friday afternoon and we played with all the toys and ran around the house playing tag and screaming! Then Mark decided to come home and join in the fun.
We packed all the girls into the car and stopped at Little Caesars for pizza and breadsticks and headed to the new splash park to play. There were only a few people at the park so the girls took lots of turns spraying each other with these water cannons. Tori kept squealing and running through the arches that sprayed lots of water. Sydney and Lexie stood underneath the buckets to try and get drenched but then the water kept pouring just right beside them...or else they would jump out of the way, just before the bucket spilled. They even managed to eat a little dinner despite how much fun they were having. We also played in the regular park and went on all the swings.

Afterwards, we dried everyone off and changed back into our clothes. At the same park they were showing the movie "Cars" on a big screen so we found a place on the grass and spread out our blanket. The girls had lots of fun chasing each other in the grass and jumping around until it got dark.

Then like any sleepover, they ate lots of Oreo's and fishie crackers while they watched their movie. Finally we loaded everyone back up in the car and went home to try and start the whole going to bed process.

You would think that after all this excitement and no naps the girls would go to sleep almost immediately. I guess that was only wishful thinking. The next morning we had to get up early so Sydney could go play in her last soccer game. She was so tired and a bit crabby from the night before. Plus it was really hot out...good thing it was the last game of the season. Then all the girls wanted to go back to the splash park one last time so we drove back over there and had some more fun (because they have more energy than Mark and I do, obviously). We made Sydney go to bed a little bit earlier on Saturday night and Mark and I crashed. Mark is such a good sport to spend his weekend with all of the girls. On Sunday we went to a birthday party for a little boy in our ward that Sydney is friends with. Actually she was the only girl there and it was fun to watch her play with all the boys. She had a blast playing light sabers and monster trucks with the other kids. I guess that was a good balance to all the girly stuff she did this weekend. Well I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend...and maybe we'll have some exciting news soon.


RobynandJoe May 22, 2007 at 10:37 AM  

It was probably fun watching those little girls together and thinking about YOUR two girls who will be playing together soon! I can't wait to hear your exciting news!

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