Happy Birthday to Sydney!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This weekend we celebrated Sydney's fourth birthday with a Ponyville Carnival Party! I think Sydney had a blast. I had the idea for her party from a My Little Pony dvd that Sydney has where all the ponies in Ponyville invite the winged ponies for a party. Sydney LOVES playing with the little Ponyville ponies and all their tiny accessories so I thought this theme would be perfect! Let me explain one thing (about me)...I always have these ideas that start out like little seeds. My intent is for my idea to grow into a flower but sometimes (actually most of the time) my ideas turn into whole farms of flowers! (If that makes any sense). I seem to do it all the time like on Primary sharing time lessons, or FHE's, or all sorts of projects I start working on. Oh well, I guess that's the way I am. I spent all week making the games for Sydney's party...and I never really intended everything to get so complicated, of course. For the beginning part, I made sugar cookies in hearts, flowers, and butterfly shapes and put them in ziplock bags for each girl. Then I put all different kinds of sprinkles in the middle for the girls to decorate with. I also mixed frosting in pink, blue, and white for them to frost their cookies with. So we started out frosting and decorating cookies! It was lots of fun and a bit messy but all the girls loved it!

Next I took all the girls into the den where I had the "carnival games" set up. First we did the bean bag toss...
Next we fished in the fish pond...
Then we did the balloon pop game (they had to pop a balloon and pull out the string to see if they won a prize)...
And last but not least we played "pin the tail on the My Little Pony"...
And in case you were wondering...I did make all the games up and drew and colored the My Little Pony and all the rest of the stuff. (That's kind of what I meant about my idea turning into a whole field of flowers).

Here is the frosting and decorating cookies part of Sydney's party.

Sydney is on the end, then her friend Maddy from church, and her cousin Lexie!
On the other side we had Sydney's cousin Tori, and her friend Katie from soccer.
And last but not least Robyn came back to finish up her cookies (which turned into masterpieces)...I wish I had taken a picture of her finished cookies. I don't think even I could decorate them so beautifully.
"Happy birthday to Sydney"...We just made strawberry frosted cupcakes and the funny thing is most of the kids didn't really eat much of their cupcake, except for Justin. Good thing we didn't try and do a whole cake!
See Justin really enjoyed his cupcake and frosting!

Grandpa and Grandma McGary sent Sydney a tent for her birthday. It is now residing in our den. She absolutely loves it. I guess I am now a retired "fort builder" because she just wants to pretend in her real tent now!
She has already moved Ponyville into her tent with her.
Another fun toy she got was one of those balls you hold onto the handle and bounce. It took a few trys to figure out how to balance on it.
She got the hang of it pretty quick...and now she can bounce all over the house! I hope this means we don't need a trampoline for awhile.

Happy birthday Sydney! She is getting so big at four!


Cara July 16, 2007 at 7:23 PM  

Oh my gosh!! You are such an amazing and creative MOM!! I would have loved to have been at her party and did all those fun things. Maylene - you cease to amaze and impress me!

Heather Shepherd July 19, 2007 at 7:38 AM  

ignore that last posting! what I meant to say was WOW!!! What a talented mom! We just bought a bunch of stuff for Luke's dino party last year. I tried to get my brother Eric to draw some dinos, but I guess he was too busy. Perhaps you'd like to come to Utah and do his party this year????

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