Visit to Santa

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last night we went to visit Santa at the mall.  It was nice because there was no wait and it wasn't very cold out so we didn't freeze while we were there.  Sydney assured me he was the real deal because his beard was real.  He was a very nice Santa.  Sophie went right up to chat...and when he asked Sydney what she would like for Christmas...she very politely asked for a kitty.  Thank goodness Santa has a speech ready about his "live animals policy".  Oh well, nice try on her part.

Today I snuck into Sophie's room to make sure she was on her way to falling asleep for a much needed nap.  She had on one purple dress-up glove and just one fancy dress-up shoe and she was holding her wand.  I suppose these are very important items for falling asleep.


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